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Trends in Educational and Social Research (MOOC)

In this course, we offer an overview of the educational research process from an emerging perspective. The identification of new problems and themes that are emerging within the framework of the new socio-political scenarios and changes in scientific and educational knowledge is proposed.

MOOC Trends in Educational and Social Research

Very soon, the University Network for Research and Educational Innovation (REUNI+D), will publish its MOOC TRENDS IN EDUCATIONAL AND SOCIAL RESEARCH. This course will be available only in Spanish, and tries to offer an overview of this scenario, sometimes alternative, sometimes emerging, sometimes recovering marginalized traditions, that opens up in social and educational research. You can’t miss it!

What works BEST in education?

The main task of any teacher is to promote and maximize the learning of all students. This hard issue is rarely achieved, so there are many students who are driven to school failure, either by...

Connecting Networks – The relationship between research and educational practice

In this edition, we want to highlight those issues that interest and concern research groups related to education, their research techniques as well as the development of pedagogical knowledge. In short, with this Symposium we aspire to contribute to the improvement of the visibility of the studies carried out by researchers and research groups in our country.


«DUALETIC. Study of the effectiveness of implementing UDL principles and the uses of accessible digital materials: implications for acquiring literacy processes in Primary Education and for teacher training» (EDU201124926).   Groups: INDUCT – Inclusion,...


Confidence in behaviour changes through serious games (e-Confidence)   Groups: Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y Leon  (Burgos, Spain) Eun Partnership Aisbl   (Belgium) Everis Spain Sl  (Madrid, Spain) Nurogames Gmbh  (Germany) Universidad De Salamanca...