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Dialogues, feelings, and narratives around university classrooms participation

Do teachers and students share a common culture around participation? Is participation in university classrooms essential for successful learning? Is it enough to have a set of tools or techniques to make our classrooms more participatory? Are there gender biases in participation within classroom?
All these questions, and some more, have been answered by the research project financed by the UCM Student Observatory Office (2021-22 call) directed by Jon Sanz and Irene Martínez, whose main objective has been to analyse the perceptions about participation in university classrooms from a gender perspective.


Academic Analytics in Higher Education and the Potential of Big Data Analysis

Learning in the context of the digital age is closely linked with the overabundance of information, with the speed and immediacy of access to data and with the variety of content that we can find on the Internet. In this panorama of constant flow and data storage, the concept of “Big Data” was born.


For a scientific activity at the service of the common good and social commitment

Science is a universal, independent, collaborative activity oriented to the common good. The scientific community is conditioned by the evaluation of its production, which translates into a quantification of its results through external criteria, indicators and classifications, designed by public organizations and private companies. Scientists become “entrepreneurs” for innovation, “debtors” of the required excellence, or both at the same time. To overcome this situation, science must open itself to two approaches: the pro-common and the gender perspective. On the one hand, open the sciences to the basic needs of our time through interactions with bio-social ecosystems and productive and communicative models. On the other hand, to overcome the consideration of gender only as an object of study to consider gender equity in research groups and how the designs, developments and dissemination of scientific studies are approached from a feminist perspective.