Investigación transformativa e inclusiva en el ámbito social y educativo

In times of alliances between neoliberalism and neoconservatism, research, especially in the field of the humanities and social sciences, is turning towards more instrumental positions, devoid of epistemological considerations and oriented from the official policies of the States and economic and social power groups. However, society is increasingly in need of research that allows progress towards research focused on subjects and on social processes of change that make it possible to build transformative proposals based on collaborative strategies, more horizontal and at the service of communities.

This book presents a diversity of epistemological and methodological proposals that are acting in complicated socio-educational settings, supporting and developing transformation projects. These represent a different orientation of the hegemonic practices and models, based on other assumptions in matters as essential as the vision of knowledge, the methodological procedures, the consideration of the participating subjects and the institutional and academic practices of doing research. In this sense, we cannot ignore that this counter-hegemonic orientation of research corresponds to another way of understanding educational processes: research produces the knowledge demanded by the school system and education in general. Therefore, building another educational model, another school, another type of educational relationships, etc., requires another way of research that contributes to this transformation.

From this position, this work offers research methodologies thought more as a way of constructing the world together than as a series of established procedures and techniques. Thinking about a transformative and inclusive investigation modifies our views, focuses, problems, scenarios, hierarchies, objectives and roles, among other factors.


Education Review

Publishing date

April 2021


José Ignacio Rivas-Flores

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