Author: Xavier Giró Gràcia


Investigación transformativa e inclusiva en el ámbito social y educativo

This book presents a diversity of epistemological and methodological proposals that are acting in complicated socio-educational settings, supporting and developing transformation projects. These represent a different orientation of the hegemonic practices and models, based on other assumptions in matters as essential as the vision of knowledge, the methodological procedures, the consideration of the participating subjects and the institutional and academic practices of doing research.


La Red Universitaria de Investigación e Innovación Educativa (REUNI+D): Implicaciones para la transformación de la universidad

Today, Thursday 28th, at the XI CIDU Congress, at 8:15 p.m. CET, we will held the symposium entitled “The University Network for Educational Research and Innovation (REUNI+D): Implications for the transformation of the university”, with the participation of Juana M. Sancho and Fernando Hernández (Esbrina), Teresa González (GIETE) and Adriana Gewerc (Stellae), and presented and coordinated by Víctor Hernández (EDULLAB). The aim is to offer a look at what REUNI+D is, its meaning and trajectory, and reflect on what the network contributes to teaching and research practice, the tensions and challenges of networking and the challenges for the future (open science. ..).


¿Cómo aprenden los docentes?

This book gives an account of what has happened to us during the three intense years in which researchers and teachers in early childhood, primary and secondary education have walked together with the desire to understand how we learn inside and outside schools. In this transit they have given us their time, their cartographic scores, their stories and their learning trajectories.