3rd International Summer Workshop on Alternative Methods in Social Research: Transformative and Inclusive Social and Educational Research

The Procie research group presents the III Annual Summer Workshop, which REUNI+D organizes, as part of their activity as networks of educational investigation groups. In this case it will revolve around “Transformative and Inclusive Social and Educational Research”. It is a step further along the same lines initiated by the group Esbrina, from the University of Barcelona, that held the I Annual Summer Workshop, in 2015: “Alternative Methods in Social Research“.

This course is especially oriented towards students of doctorate programs and teachers involved in investigations oriented towards change and social and educational transformation, also towards learners of postgraduate degrees in Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, preferably.


June 5-7, 2017



Event’s website

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  1. July 21, 2017

    […] Workshop on Alternative Methods in Social Research, which took place from June 3-5 and which we previously reported on this website, the spanish journal “El Diario de la Educación” has published a review about the […]