Buscando alternativas: Caminos para otra investigación educativa

The webinar entitled Buscando alternativas: Caminos para otra investigación educativa (Searching for alternatives: Paths to a different educational research) aims to reflect on the meaning, methods and emerging themes in educational research. Speakers from different universities who are experts in the field of pedagogical knowledge will participate in it. It will be developed in two sessions. The first on November 18 and the second on November 25. The webinar is organized based on the reflections derived from the book Caminos y derivas para otra investigación educativa (Paths and drifts for a different educational research) written and edited by REUNI+D members. The webinar is also registered as an action of the RED UNIVERSITARIA DE INVESTIGACION E INNOVACION EDUCATIVA project. CONNECTING NETWORKS AND PROMOTING OPEN KNOWLEDGE RED 2018-102439-T funded by the Spanish State Research Agency.

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