«DUALETIC. Study of the effectiveness of implementing UDL principles and the uses of accessible digital materials: implications for acquiring literacy processes in Primary Education and for teacher training» (EDU201124926).



  • INDUCT – Inclusion, Universal Design, Cooperation and Technologies
  • FIT – Training, Investigating & Changing
  • CAST – Center for Applied Special Technology (EEUU)

Dates: 2012-2015

Financing Entity: Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. National R & D & I Plan 2008-2011. Subprogram of Non-Oriented Fundamental Research Projects 2011-2014.


There is a lack of accesible digital materials for students with disabilities, which in the context of information society, with institutional programs such as Escuela 2.0, trying to promote digital literacy for all students and the didactic integration of ICT by teachers in the teaching process, makes this lack of available digital learning resources in an agravating element of the digital divide for students with special educational needs, while discrimination regarding the conditions of learning and equal opportunities. On the other hand, studies on practices of teachers with ICT highlight the agree that the more widespread uses tend to under-utilize the potential of technology to enrich and diversify their teaching and  to individualize learning to the students’ needs, abilities and preferences.

The aim of this project is to study the effectiveness of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles with ICT support, examining its implications on literacy instruction in Primary Education, as well as to define key elements to improve teachers training about issues related to design inclusive and accessible educational contexts to all students. Using as a starting point recognized international experiences, the project begins with the development and validation of tools, contents and materials based on such principles, and targeted to the literacy process in monolingual and bilingual classrooms (Spanish and English).The second objective is focus on designing activities for initial and continuous teacher training and about UDL principles, and to accompany and to support teachers in their implementation in the classroom. The analysis of these practical applications, focused on identifying the effects of the UDL in the literacy process according to differential factors in students and teachers, is the third objective of the project. It is also proposed, aimed to enhance the sustainability of the project, to create structures to support the knowledge generation and spreading of concepts, practical experiences and learning digital materials linked to UDL principles.

WEB http://educadua.es/


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