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Re-situate and transit the transformation of university praxis from the visual narrative enquiry

Our research group has been promoting various initiatives in the sphere of lifelong learning for teachers to develop collaboration between different agents and contribute to rethinking the actions that commit the university to educational and social transformation (Giroux et al., 2022).
In this area of work, we have been developing a research process to re-situate our university praxis by exploring the decolonial turn through the recreation of our classroom experiences. We aim to be able to generate and consolidate a collaborative scenario to share our reflections on the work of community teachers along a path that is open to the possible, in which the different ways of relating the educational experience can converge, mediating the establishment of relationships and the meanings generated about our practice. In parallel, we arbitrate reflection on the strategies promoted to enhance the professional development of the participants, analysing the findings and difficulties of the research process itself.


Academic Analytics in Higher Education and the Potential of Big Data Analysis

Learning in the context of the digital age is closely linked with the overabundance of information, with the speed and immediacy of access to data and with the variety of content that we can find on the Internet. In this panorama of constant flow and data storage, the concept of “Big Data” was born.