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Music Education and Didactic Materials

As a result of the cooperation between the Grupo de Investigación Stellae (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela) and IARTEM (International Association for Research on Textbook and Educational Media), with the support of other institutions and groups, this book is the result of a collaborative work made by a large group of national and international Music Education researchers. The volume brings reflections on the meaning, role and importance of didactic materials for music development. The title brings considerations and researches form authors from different countries. It is one of the first works of its kind to assemble, systematize and organize researches on Music Education and Didactic Materials.


Other educational and social research is possible

This book is a result of collective effort of REUNI+D. It offers a frame for reflection on emerging perspectives of research, to overcome a scene characterized by standardization, protocolization and instrumentalization of methodologies.