3RD SUMMER WORKSHOP. Transformative and Inclusive Social and Educational Research

The research group Procie (Profesorado, Comunicación e Investigación Educativa, HUM-619) of the University of Malaga has assumed the organization of the III Annual Summer Workshop organized by REUNI + D, this activity is part of its activity as a network of educational research groups and has been conducted during the 5-7th of June 2017 at the University of Malaga. Advancing on these issues already started in previous editions, fruit of the work we did in the REUNID network, from the ProCIE group we opted on this occasion to delve into “Transformative and Inclusive social and educational research” as a way to approach those researches that they are oriented towards change and social and educational transformation; it is a work that continues the line initiated by the Esbrina group, of the University of Barcelona, which organized the Annual Summer Workshop, in 2015: “Alternative Methods in Social Research”, and by the research group Elkarrikertuz de the University of the Basque Country in 2016 with the title “Alternative Methods in Social Research: Visual Methods”. The communications included in this work correspond to those accepted by the reviewers after a selective double-blind process, which are accompanied by the reports made in each of the working groups. The present book of is structured in four blocks: the first three refer to the axes in which the selected works have been structured, and which correspond to “Narrative methodologies such as participatory excellence”; “Participatory Methodologies in Educational Contexts”; “Other methodological perspectives”. And the fourth chapter deals with the aforementioned rapporteurships.

Publication date

March 2018


Blas González Alba
Moisés Mañas Olmo
Pablo Cortés González
Álvaro de la Morena

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