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Migrant students in Educational Systems from a child and youth-centred research

MiCreate employs a methodological research perspective called ‘child-centred approach’ (Due, Riggs & Augoustinos, 2014). This viewpoint introduces the need for a series of deconstructions of the usual way of conducting educational and social research to intensively consider the participation and interests of children and youth. The interest in deepening the recognition of children and young people and their agency is related to a significant shift towards a less adult-centred and more child-centred relationship. A review of the meanings, the methodological and ethical implications of this approach has led us to observe that the foundations of this perspective in research appeal to the participation of children, their agency and authorship in the creation of knowledge and their capacity to make decisions, act and express themselves within the framework of a research process (Stuardo-Concha, Carrasco & Hernández-Hernández, in press).