Debate around “Educational MIR”

A few days ago the Minister of Education, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, conveyed to the media the idea of ​​the Government to incorporate to the National Pact for Education a model of access to the teaching profession similar to the MIR in medicine. Said MIR would consist of a practical tutored training program with a duration of two years.

The proposal comes just a few days before the publication of a report that includes the conclusions reached by the Conference of Deans of Education in which the problems related to access to the teaching profession are analyzed and the MIR is proposed to ameliorate to the current system.

The idea of ​​the “Educational MIR” is not new. In fact, the Department of Education of the Basque Country is participating in a pilot experience of “MIR” developed by the Empieza por Educar Foundation.

The proposal is not without controversy among teachers and teacher unions, some of which have already shown their rejection of this measure.

The full text of the Decade Conference Report can be found online, following the link.

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